About CCLA

Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, President & CEO of Learning Policy Institute, Professor Emeritus at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, and the President of the California State Board of Education

Accelerating Learning: The Path to Equity and Excellence

California has made a strong commitment to learning recovery by supporting students to accelerate learning in multiple ways: through extended time, supportive environments, and pedagogies that are tailored to student needs.  This session will connect state strategies to promising school and classroom practices. 

What is CCLA?

The California Collaborative for Learning Acceleration (CCLA) is a grant funded project aimed to advance a statewide professional learning initiative to accelerate student learning in mathematics, literacy, and language development. 

Learning acceleration is “about building bridges rather than filling holes” and provides student access to current grade-level content, rather than remediation

CCLA integrates Universal Design for Learning, social-emotional learning, and culturally sustaining pedagogy in all professional learning, including online courses, to empower educators with evidence-based strategies to accelerate student learning. 

CCLA's Vision

To build the capacity of administrators, teachers, paraeducators, and instructional coaches to support all students in TK-12, regardless of gender, race, learning differences, and socio-economic background through equitable, inclusive, evidence-based strategies intentionally integrated system-wide. 

The goal of California's learning acceleration system is that every student develops mathematics, literacy, and language development knowledge as well as student agency within the learning environment.

CCLA's Online Courses

The design of this work will include an online repository of high-quality online courses for mathematics, literacy, and language development that integrate Universal Design for Learning, culturally sustaining pedagogy, and social-emotional learning practices within the Multi-Tiered System of Support framework.  

CCLA Regional Hubs

The regional hubs are actively engaged in developing capacity across the state through local support, professional learning networks, regional events, and customized coaching, providing the foundation for local sustainability following the conclusion of the grant.

CCLA Partners

The partners are supporting the development and vetting of professional learning content and resources.  They provide guidance on research-based methodologies and pedagogies.

Project Director

California Schools and Districts: In-depth learning acceleration planning and customized professional learning are here.  

If interested, please contact us!

Barb Flores, Project Director

Santa Clara County Office of Education